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Home Raid Raid 2014 Netherland

Thanks to Henk, Ron, Ellen and Ingrid. It was a great weekend. 

People from Norway, Finland, England, Belgium and The Netherlands attended. The weather wasn't good but not bad. The location was beautiful. On Saturday and Sunday we made a marvelous ride with Henk and Ingrid im front. Our dutch friends had a surprise waiting for us. We had a ride with a heavy military truck throughout km's of green nature. At night we had really delicious dinner at a beautiful place that was just rented for us alone. What a luxury! 

In our yearly evening meeting we decide that next year our yearly event will be in Norway. At the meeting our friends from Finland gave us a stickers with their national logo on. I personally got a jacket with different logo's from the European president. I was given to me for all the years I took pictures and made videos, all without missing one year.  

Thank you all for being here,I hope to meet you all next year in Norway!

Don't forget if you don't come to tomorrows Cade Raid, others will not come in the future and the Cade Raids will perish

In 2014 the raid will be held again in The Netherlands. The main preparations are done. We have searched for a location that has hotel facilities as well as a campsite.

mooi oavelt

In Havelte we have found a beautiful location. It’s a complete residential complex, which is regularly used to accommodate groups. There are 13 rooms and in total, there are 39 beds available. There is a large dining room with a bar and cooking facilities and there are area’s where we can lounge and relax. Next to the residential complex there is a lawn, where we can place several tents for camping. This will all be exclusively for our use, without interference from other guests. The campsite has a swimming pool and other facilities which can be used if desired. The case is, that we have to make reservations for the entire arrangement. The total costs, have to be divided by the number of participants. This means; the more participants, the lower the costs per person. At this moment we have calculated an amount of approximately 225 Euro per person, if we will get 30 participants to join us. This includes 3 overnight stays, 3x breakfast and 3x dinner which will be; 1x Dutch meal, 1x BBQ and 1x dinner in a restaurant. More participants will of course make another distribution and that could even lower the price per person

For more pictures and information “click the link below”

Tearoom "het Hunebed"

interieur2012 01

This is where we have made reservations for a room where we can eat together as a group. This dinner at the the tearoom includes a buffet of 5 main dishes and some side dishes. The costs for this evening are included in the total price as before mentioned.

On the first night, a traditional Dutch meal will be served by a catering company. There will be something for everyone, as you can choose from several dishes like: mashed kale and potatoes, mashed endive and potatoes or hodgepodge. Of course served with different sorts of meat.

The terrace at the tearoom has a roof over it, so even if the weather will be bad, we can still have our BBQ. This BBQ is also included in the total price.

clip image006

The tearoom is at another location than the sleeping accommodation. Thought it’s not very far. About 800 meters/10 minute walk.

To be able to organise all this, it’s important for us to know who wants to join us for this weekend. This is so we can finalise the calculations of the costs per person and to be able to make final arrangements with several suppliers. Please sign in as soon as possible! There are 13 rooms (10 still available). Several with 4 beds. If necessary there can be placed some more beds.

To sign up or if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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